In 1818 the wife of Addison John Cresswell inherited the estate of John Baker, her very wealthy cousin. It was this money that allowed Cresswell Hall to be built between1821 and 1825. The Hall was designed by London architect John Shaw and the building work supervised by Benjamin Green of Newcastle.

Entrance Hall, Cresswell Hall

Addison John Cresswell laid the foundation stone on 14th June 1821. It was a very grand building constructed with fine sandstone blocks quarried from nearby Ashington and Cleaswell Hill. It also had central heating, an absolute must for any building situated on the north east coast!

Conservatory, Cresswell HallThe grounds surrounding the Hall were landscaped and included magnificent avenues of evergreen shrubs, lawns, rockery, a croquet lawn and tennis courts. There was also apparently a miniature railway and a trip could be taken to view the bones of a sperm whale which were mounted on a stone plinth. This whale had stranded between Cresswell and Lynemouth in 1822.

There was also a Conservatory (left) which contained tree ferns and other exotic plants. The kitchen garden once contained a peach house, vineries, potting and tool sheds and boiler houses. A stable block was built near to the Hall in 1829. It is still standing but in very poor condition.

In 1924 the Cresswell estate was sold at auction. Cresswell Hall was purchased by Northumberland County Council but structural and other problems resulted in the Hall being demolished in the 1930s.

Apart from the Stables only the two colonnaded walls that linked the Hall to the Stables and Conservatory are still standing.



Cresswell Hall Today

The images below show the remains of Cresswell Hall today. Even now the scale and grandeur of the building are apparent. Click the thumbnails for a better view.

  • Cresswell Hall - Stables and Tower - 01
  • Cresswell Hall - Stables and Tower - 02
  • Cresswell Hall - Stables and Tower - 03
  • Cresswell Hall - Stables and Tower - 04
  • Cresswell Hall - Stables and Tower - 05
  • Cresswell Hall - Stables and Tower - 06
  • Cresswell Hall - Stables and Tower - 07
  • Cresswell Hall - Stables and Tower - 08
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