The gallery here shows historic images and drawings of Cresswell Pele Tower.


  • Artist's impression of the first floor of the tower 1849
  • Artist's impression of the ground floor of the tower 1849
  • Billiard Room, Cresswell Hall
  • Bones of a sperm whale displayed in the grounds of Cresswell Hall circa 1910
  • Conservatory, Cresswell Hall
  • Cresswell Hall engraving
  • Cresswell Hall, 1829
  • Cresswell Hall
  • Cresswell Tower from NW EMBC
  • Cresswell Tower from SW in 1849
  • Cresswell from Quarry Point 1850
  • Cresswell postcard featuring Cresswell Hall
  • Entrance Hall, Cresswell Hall
  • From Lost Houses
  • Molly the Greyhound, the tower and snowdrops
  • Postcard of the Pele Tower 1906
  • The tower - A winter scene
  • The village well and tower 1950s
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