Pele towers were built between 1350 and 1600 and were basically miniature castles built as a defensible retreat against attacks from the Border Reivers, raiders and robbers from either side of the Scottish border. Cresswell Pele Tower is a well preserved example and, thanks to recent excavations and an extensive renovation, the building is now open to the public on selected days and can be hired as a venue or filming location.

Opening times can be found by clicking any of the links on this page or simply by clicking here.

Bees and Trees in Cresswell

We want to re-instate an orchard and host beehives within a forgotten walled garden, whilst providing skill to volunteers and a safe, inspiring space for visitors.

We plan to create an orchard of 30 trees, including historic Mediaeval species. Within the orchard, we will install an initial two beehives. We will train our volunteers in the art of beekeeping. To help us fund the project we have started an online crowdfunding page.

Find out more about or contribute to our crowdfunding project by clicking on the button below or click here.

Pele Tower Pages


About the Pele Tower

A brief overview of the tower, it's layout and history.

cresswell-fieldwalking (1)


From the high-tech world of geophysical survey to the low-tech world of feildwalking we left no stone unturned.



A skilled band of professional archaeologists and some dedicated volunteers discover Cresswell's heritage.



And finally, the wonderful old building is returned to it's former glory - with a few very modern twists.

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An introduction to the tower plus look at the first phase of the archaeological work at Cresswell.

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3D Burial Cist

A computer generated interactive model of the Cresswell burial cist, uncovered in 2017.

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Planning a visit? The interactive map here will help you find us!