The generosity of the Heritage Lottery Fund and other funders combined with the skilled craftsmanship of Historic Property Restoration Ltd and the work of dedicated local volunteers enabled the pele tower to be restored between October 2019 and March 2021.

A badly vandalised, roofless ruin has been transformed into a fantastic historic building for current and future generations to visit, enjoy and admire. It has been removed from Historic England’s “Heritage at Risk” register and is now a local, regional and national heritage asset which we can all be extremely proud of.

Before and After

To give you some idea of the incredible work which has taken place at the tower, please enjoy the two 360 degree images we present here. One is of the tower interior in 2016, at the start of our project and the other was taken just days before the official opening of the newly restored building in 2021. Both images are of the first floor of the tower.

Use your mouse to explore the images and simply click the button to switch the 2016 and 2021 views.

Cresswell Pele Tower 2016